I am the Man

After four decades of being a homeowner you pretty much learn how to fix anything.  And there is a certain degree of satisfaction in DIY projects.  I often resort to strutting around the house proclaiming “I am the Man” after a particularly impressive accomplishment.

Like today.  Our shower drain was clogged.  My experience was, fortunately, not like this one:

Previously, I had used a clumsy metal snake contraption to coax all the hairs out of the drain, and was eventually successful.  Later, I was at Home Depot and figured there had to be a better tool for such a task.  And there was!  A very simple and inexpensive plasic device.

Here is the device, with one offending clump of hair:IMG_4759

There were two more clumps, and now water rushes down the drain.  Ta da!


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